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Founder of Investor Grit. Passionate about Wholesaling and helping others escape the rat race and build the business of their dreams. I have an abundance mindset and live to serve. There's no such thing as competition, only collaboration.

Are you committed to failing?

SO many people ask me, "How do I become successful at Wholesaling?" They tell me they've gone to seminars, purchased courses, read books/blogs, listened to Podcasts, etc, but are STILL not able to make money at Wholesaling! Sure, I can give them the typical "take massive action" answer...but that would only be partly true. I could [...]

The $$$ is in the database!

If you know me well, you’ve probably heard me say this about thousand times by now. The question is… do you follow it? Do you run your business by this mantra? Do you LIVE by it?? Well if you don’t, you should! There is a core difference between VERY successful Wholesalers and those who just kind of, ya [...]

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Why Most Wholesalers Fail

The journey of Wholesaling can be VERY rewarding. Just like with any endeavor in life, victory does not come without a lot of heartache, sacrifice and struggles. When you’re first starting out on your Wholesaling adventure (and “oh boy” it’s an adventure), you are going to have many “gut check” moments. This, my friends, is where [...]

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Want to succeed at Wholesaling? It’s all in the Hustle!

In order to succeed in the business of Wholesaling houses, there is one thing that you need to possess above all else. I’m sure you’ve heard the term “Hustle” but have you ever really given it much thought? Is the idea of hustle a foreign concept to you? Would you rather spend time watching TV than [...]

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