Stephen Jones

One of our tribe members, Stephen Johnson, made a $15,500 assignment fee by employing just one of my many “Ninja” Wholesaling strategies.

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Luke and Adam Swomley

Luke and Adam Swomley joined our tribe several weeks ago. Like many other Wholesalers, it was feast or famine. They would do a few deals one month…than things would dry up. Since we started working together, their results have been phenomenal!

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Brand new Wholesaler

Brand new Wholesaler, Seth Taylor came into our tribe and made $10,000 in less than 7 weeks! BAM!

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Josh Stevens

Josh Stevens  loves the feeling of getting his first Wholesaling check! A nice $6k pay day for Josh!! “Wholesaling is finally real.” I love it!

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Clayton Morris

In this video, Clayton just left a closing with a check for $43,000 in his pocket!! One deal, $43k!!

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Insurance Broker

Insurance Broker, Cody Hofhine came into our program and did his first deal in 6 weeks! Within less than one year, he has generated over a quarter of a million dollars! BAM!!

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